Young people are extremely interested in the Infinity Lake in Dalat

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Recently, in Da Lat, there was a new 'virtual living coordinates' called the Infinity Lake as a loving compensation for loving hearts of Dalat.

Dalat is probably one of the tourist destinations with many "check-in" corners, the most beautiful photography in Vietnam. Besides the cool climatic conditions, rich ecosystems and many beautiful natural landscapes, this place also constantly makes visitors surprised with attractive attractions.

Recently, Infinity Lake belongs to Tuyen Lam Lake area, located in the clay street of Da Lat, Ward 4, Da Lat city, also impresses visitors by its unique and novel architecture, surrounded by green pine hills.

Infinity Lake makes young people extremely excited when constantly appearing many unique "virtual living" corners, attracting the attention and attention of visitors. (Photo: Welcome to Dalat)

Not only has the infinity pool in Danang, now in Dalat also gives me the Infinity Lake - the name just heard is enough to be strange, curious to anyone who heard it for the first time.

Lake Infinity is essentially a small landscape with two giant statues in the middle, facing each other. In the midst of the blue sky and the surrounding surrounded by vast pine forests, the Lake of Infinity has an extremely relaxed feeling.

Come here, visitors not only feel the fresh air, cool all year round, suitable for sightseeing, relaxation but also can take beautiful photos, but just need to select the corner a little bit will be like the same scene in a European sky.

Located 15 kilometers from the city center, Infinity Lake is a suitable destination for you to be creative with many perspectives.

Looking at these two statues, surely visitors will immediately think of the K'lang and H'Biang in the famous love story, making Dalat more and more romantic. (Photo: Dalat Tourism)

Although it has just appeared, the Infinity Lake has attracted the attention and love of many people. Not only couples but many young people passionate about taking pictures also come here to be able to create creative images for themselves.

Whether standing at any angle can create many impressive images, ecstatic. (Photo: Dalat Tourism)

With a natural landscape those looks like it is in Europe with a cool, fresh climate, the Infinity Lake promises to be an "explosive" destination to attract "check-in" young people in the future. (Photo: Linhdan0712)

If "Wooden Hunting Bridge" is temporarily stopping guests, do not rush to regret it but try visiting the Infinity Lake. (Photo: Tranthaovy)


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