Although a young city but rich in culture Da Lat is also noted for its richness, diversity, both traditional and modern.
          Culture of the Co Ho ethnic group, culture of the Red River delta, Thanh - Nghe - Tinh, Thua Thien - Hue, Nam - Ngai - Binh - Phu, South Central, Southeast The Ministry and the cultural exchange of the world has created the characteristics of Da Lat people: gentle, elegant and hospitable.
          Dalat is a new, attractive, rich subject that the scientific, social, literary and artistic sciences are always pursuing to learn and create.


          The area of Lam Dong still preserves many cultural vestiges and histories of ethnic groups. For many years, many historical relics are interested in approaching research, most famous is the Cat Tien relic. Historically, Cat Tien was a border of cultures, a non-volatile border with human monuments dating from the Dong Thau era nearly 4,000 years ago, with the village forging molds Bronze, woven cloth, temple tower and grave of a particular culture in the flow of Dong Nai culture, Eo culture, Phu Nam culture.

          The process of formation and development of Da Lat is also the process of forming the tradition of revolutionary struggle of Dalat people.
          With the hardship and harsh conditions, to survive, the delegation of people who worked in the four corpses of the four gathered here must love each other and attach themselves to die hard to create strength. Solidarity struggles. Not only fighting with nature but fighting with the enemy in a fierce manner, against the oppression of exploitation to gain the inherent right of human life.