• Linh Phuoc Pagoda

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    Located at Tu Phuoc, Ward 11, Linh Phuoc pagoda was built in 1949 and it had a big restoration in 1990 - 1998. The remarkable feature of the pagoda is the Dragon-shaped design made from the broken pieces of glasses in accordance to the design of Khai

  • The Cathedral was designed in the style of the Roman Church in Europe. It had being built for 11 years. It has 65m in length, 14m in width and a 47m high bell tower. From the church, we can see Xuan Huong lake, the city center and Langbiang mountain

  • The church is located on a hill with cherry-blossoms with an area of 12ha, 1km from city center. The design of this church, which has no bell-tower, contained plenty of renovation compared to the classic churches in the West. The most unique point of

  • Linh An Pagoda

    Phố Trưng vương, TT Nam ban, Lâm Hà
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    Linh An Self is located in the place where paints coincide with the same, but the architecture of Confucius Self still has a modern and friendly nature. The whole area of over 4 hectares of the pagoda is covered with forest trees such as gio, sop, si

  • Linh Phong Pagoda

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    Linh Phong Pagoda, or the full name of Linh Phong Pagoda, is a pagoda located on a high hill at 72 C Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Da Lat City. Linh Phong Pagoda was originally a Buddhist shrine built in 1940, when it was only covered with walls, wall panel

  • Van Hanh Monastery

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    This is a long monastery, one of the famous attractions of Dalat city. The most outstanding of the monastery is the statue of "Shakyamuni Sakyamuni" outdoor. The statue is 24 meters high, 20 meters wide, and the right hand holds lotus petals, this pa

  • Tau Pagoda - Thien Vuong Co Sat

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    Located at No. 385 Khe Sanh street, Chinese Pagoda was built in 1958 by the Chinese Buddhist monks. It was restored in 1989. Quang Minh temple is the key architecttural part of this pagoda which is 12m high. Chinese pagoda is famous for its three san

  • Cam Ly Church, also known as Son Trai Church, is a religious church serving mainly ethnic minorities in the western area of Dalat. Besides being a religious site, Cam Ly Church is also a tourist attraction of attractive architecture in Dalat. Cam Ly

  • Linh Quang Pagoda

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    Located at No. 133 Hai Ba Trung street, Linh Quang pagoda is the first pagoda to be founded in Dalat in 1931 by superior Buddhist monk Thich Nhan Thu. It had three times for restoration in 1958, in 1972 and in 2000. The main temple has a statue of Th

  • The Buddhist Meditation is located on phoenix hill with an area of 25 ha. From there, we can see the panoramic view of Tuyen Lam lake and Elephant mountain in the far distance. With its advantage of location, Truc Lam Zen monastery was designed with

  • Linh Son Pagoda

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    Located at 120 Nguyen Van Troi street, Linh Son pagoda was built in 1938 - 1940 according to the suggestion of Mrs. Tu Cung (mother of King Bao Dai) with Buddhism Associaton of the Central. The pagoda bears the name of a muontain in India and it has