A flutter of blooming red flowers blazed by a wooden house in Da Lat

24/05/2018 10797 1

Paper flower about 30 years old was planted in front of a wooden house in Tram Hanh commune, Da Lat city (Lam Dong), blossoming red flowers are causing fever community in recent days.

The owner of this special paper flower is Huynh Thi Sau (67 years old), Tram Hanh commune, Da Lat city).

Ms.Sau said, about 30 years ago her family brought a paper flower planted in front of the house to create the landscape ...

Over the years, in the early summer, this paper flower flowers bloom so red that leaves are not visible ...

Over many years, the flowers spread about 5 meters wide, the root diameter about 60cm.

Looking at the paper flowers on the brilliant people enjoy, many people have to stop road stop, take photos, including the delegation up to a few dozen people.

Last time, images of this paper flowers spread dizzy on the website, visitors also come here to contemplate, photograph ...

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