Limousine serves Saigon - Da Lat line

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March 15th, Long Van Limousine commercial transport company officially brought Limousine line to serve passengers of Saigon - Da Lat route and vice versa.

Limousine is a car line named "the palace goes mobile" with extremely modern equipment, 21 rooms are fully equipped with 5-star facilities.

Long Van Limousine fleet

Mr. Thanh Long, representative of Long Van Limousine said: “I realize that Dalat is always an attractive destination for traveling with family and friends. Therefore, in order to bring customers the best facilities to cruise Saigon - Da Lat no longer tired with visitors, Long Van Limousine brings a modern fleet of 8 cars, luxurious style, bringing Passengers experience great with a team of good drivers, seasoned, coordinators and service professionals. The car is equipped with toitlet, massage chair, separate TV with entertainment channels and free soft drinks.

Car interior

Mr. Dang Tat Hung, a pianist who often has tours in Dalat, is present on the first trip of Long Van Limousine to share: “The first time I was on a modern, safe ride, Full facilities, perfect customer service quality”.

Ms. Phuong in a group of 3 adults and 2 babies from Saigon commented: “The feeling after the journey is very pleasant because of a good night's sleep. A luxurious ride with a sense of security and attentive service.

Comfort on the car

Reportedly, the price of Long Van Limousine tickets for Saigon - Dalat for VIP rooms is 380 thousand VND, 250 thousand VND for Luxury rooms starting from March 15. From TP. Ho Chi Minh City departs from 6h, 14h & 22h daily. From Da Lat, it was 6h, 13h & 22h daily.


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